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Eco- Friendly Solar power banks


56780bbdcc268d191748b127-640x640-1Power banks are electronic/solar devices that charges gadgets like mobiles and tablets in the absence of the source of electricity. They are highly beneficial as in today’s world everyone is commuting whether it is going to office, trip or anywhere for a business travel. It is not feasible to find an apt power source everywhere and even the availability of power source is there the users are too many for it. To avoid this, it is mandatory to have a power bank.

Types of power banks

  1. Universal Power Bank: These come in various sizes and configurations and these can be altered according to the need.
  2. Old Battery style Power Bank: These are the old battery case power banks which are handy but they have narrow device compatibility.
  3. Solar Power banks: These are the power banks which have photovoltaic panels and they charge with the help of solar energy.

Solar Power Banks:

As the electrical energy is in the diminishing mode, the mighty sun is always going to be here. The solar power bank helps in the conservation of energy and is very eco- friendly. Now, understand how it works and what the benefits of Solar Power Bank. The capacity of solar power bank is 20000 Mah. E Bazar.Ninja offers you a portable solar power bank whose efficient photovoltaic panels recharge quickly even in the dim sunlight as sometimes the solar energy is low and the panel didn’t receive the charging but the power bank which is offered by E Bazar.Ninja has very efficient solar panels which charges quickly.

In the remote areas, we dont have any option to plug in our device so solar power banks are the best option which work even in these areas & you can charge your smart phones & other gadgets through this.


It not only charges the battery but also enhances the battery charging time up when fully charged. In the end the solar power bank is need of the hour in the technological world and that need is fully gratified from E Bazar.Ninja by offering Solar Power banks with 20000 Mah. Now, no more worries how to charge your mobile while on move.


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