Loafers Shoes For Men | Stylish Loafers Shoes Online


What comes in our mind when we want to buy comfortable men shoes?

Some shoes without laces. They are called loafers. Suddenly, a smile chuckled at our face as the loafers are extremely comfortable. It’s officially a loafer season so I thought to brush up our loafer vocabulary.

Loafers are timeless treasure which men wore for over hundred years. New designs are just hybrid of old designer wear we have from ages. These all are the tried and tested footwear designs for ages. So buy loafers shoes india from our stylish & trendy collection.


Let’s explore the different types of loafer shoes fashion we have till now:

  1. Penny Loafers: These are the classic loafer shoes which have original Bass Weejun design. They look well with chinos, jeans or any casual trousers. The signature design is diamond shape slit and a rounded Mac toe. It is classical designed shoes which are perfect for any formal occasion.
  1. The Horsebit Loafers: It was in 1966, when renowned designer Gucci, attached a metal strap to the loafer. It has a shape of a horse’s snaffle a bit. It was often worn by the businessmen and later on became the part of official attire on the Wall Street in 1970s and it was used on the widespread in 1970s.
  1. Tassel Loafer: It is a seamless design from the timeless designs of the loafers. It has a seamless and a whole cut design without a seam. It is best known for its versatility, timeless and timeless creations. It has a leather strings and the material is leather which is highly durable and classic fashion.
  1. Driving Shoe: These are the shoes for driving and limited walking. They are made up of leather or suede; they are worn comfortably without socks. Driving shoes are extremely soft and comfortable pair of shoes.
  1. The Slipper: It is the modern alternative for the velvet slippers. It has the monograms/emblems/crests designed on it. Again, the design is kept mediumistic and the vamp is bit higher. These are extremely modish style which is worn with the jeans or the treasure and it is an in-your-face style and gives you a conformism look and in your style.

Here’s the brief look at the loafer shoes and you might be wondering in the end from where to get to those shoes.K Don’t be sad as EBazar.Ninja brings you an exclusive range of loafers. The style, pattern and the durability is matchless and also the designs. So, hurry up and buy loafers shoes india before it gets sold out.


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